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Tanis, an ancient city founded more than three thou­sand years ago, can still be vis­ited today. It wasn’t long before Tanis, a city devel­op­ing vig­or­ously in the Nile river delta, became the cap­i­tal of the Egypt­ian empire. Tanis retained this sta­tus for sev­eral hun­dred years and was home to many great Pharaohs.

While not striv­ing to be some sort of cap­i­tal, we merely take inspi­ra­tion from this story of great devel­op­ment and progress. The mes­sage that the story of Tanis yields, fol­lows us wher­ever we go and moves us even today. It brings a whole new point of view into every­day life, that makes us more aware of our choices, helps us reflect on our own actions and improves us every step of the way.

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