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EduArt™ = Edu­ca­tion Art

EduArt™ is a user-​friendly soft­ware that on any PC using the Microsoft Win­dows oper­at­ing sys­tem can record and syn­chro­nise video and audio (from cam­era and micro­phone) with a pre­sen­ta­tion shown on the screen of your PC (using any pro­gramme, for exam­ple Pow­er­Point, or a visu­al­izer, an elec­tronic board, a tablet, etc.) and at the same time cre­ates the meta­data con­tent of your presentation.

The out­put of the record cre­ated by the EduArt™software is a pre­sen­ta­tion that uses the stan­dard web tech­nolo­gies. All the chan­nels used in the pre­sen­ta­tion (i.e. audio, video, images and meta­data) are syn­chro­nously recorded in their orig­i­nal res­o­lu­tion. This fun­da­men­tally dif­fer­en­ti­ates EduArt™ from any other com­peti­tor prod­ucts that record (com­press) all the data into the video chan­nel. Images (slides) of the recorded pre­sen­ta­tion are cap­tured in the native res­o­lu­tion of the graphic card of the com­puter that is being used and are saved in the JPG format.

The result­ing pre­sen­ta­tion can be trans­mit­ted to the viewer /​lis­tener as a web­cast (in real time) or as an on-​demand record­ing that you can access any­time, any­where, in accor­dance with your needs and avail­able options. On-​demand record­ings of the pre­sen­ta­tion can be exported to a web server (Inter­net, Intranet) or stored on a vari­ety of stor­age media (CD /​DVD /​BD, flash disks, exter­nal drives).

Records cre­ated using the EduArt™ soft­ware can be viewed /​played on any com­puter or other device that uses a web browser that sup­ports Sil­verlight. The viewer can play pre­sen­ta­tions in the sequence in which they were recorded or use the option to fast-​forward or to replay as needed, using the video con­trol or thumb­nails of cap­tured slides, thereby repeat­ing a sequence or view­ing only the sec­tions that inter­est him or her. All the chan­nels (video, slides and audio) con­tin­u­ally remain syn­chro­nised. Also other meta­data can be included in the pre­sen­ta­tion such as ref­er­ences /​URL links, which take the viewer to other, related resources on the Inter­net (e.g. text­books, biogra­phies, manuals).

Min­i­mum tech­ni­cal require­ments for installing the EduArt™ software :

  • Any type of com­puter — lap­top, desk­top or rack.
  • Win­dows (XP SP3 or later, i.e. Vista or W7).
  • Microsoft Expres­sion Encoder V4 (basic free ver­sion for recording).
  • For on-​line trans­mis­sion: con­nec­tion to a net­work (Inter­net /​Intranet, LAN) with suffi cient server to server band­width (MS-​IIS).

Tech­ni­cal require­ments for view­ing pre­sen­ta­tions cre­ated using the EduArt™ software :

  • Any device: e.g. PC, tablet, smart­phone with a web browser (MSIE, Fire­Fox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) together with the Sil­verlight module.
  • For online pre­sen­ta­tions, or on-​demand pre­sen­ta­tions from the server: a con­nec­tion to a net­work (Inter­net /​Intranet, LAN, etc.) for access­ing the server.

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