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Stain­less Cleaner

Small waste water treat­ment plant stain­less cleaner treats waste water from sin­gle sources of pol­lu­tion (fam­ily houses, week­end houses, schools, restau­rants, hotels, offices etc.). Treat­ment of waste water is made by bio­log­i­cal way in stain­less tank – bilog­i­cal reactor.


Tank with tech­nol­ogy is ususally put into the ground. Waste water treat­ment plant auto­mat­i­cally reacts to changes of flow and pol­lu­tion con­cen­tra­tion of waste­water dur­ing day. Sin­gle parts of waste water treat­ment plant create:

  • area of mechan­i­cal pretreatment,
  • den­i­tri­fi­ca­tion area (so-​called denitrification),
  • aer­ated acti­va­tion – nitri­fi­ca­tion area (so-​called acti­va­tion), set­tle­ment area (so-​called separation).

Mechan­i­cal pre­treat­ment of inflow­ing water is ensured by aer­ated inflow bas­ket, which is placed under inflow pipeline. Inflow bas­ket is per­fo­rated and under bas­ket is sit­u­ated hydrop­neu­matic pump (so-​called mam­moth pump), which aer­ates the bas­ket to mechan­i­cally dis­in­te­grate degrad­able waste. Inflow bas­ket is equipped with han­dle for easy manipulation.

Den­i­tri­fi­ca­tion area is cre­ated by space which is sep­a­rated by stain­less par­ti­tion from acti­va­tion area and it serves for bio­log­i­cal elim­i­na­tion of nitro­gen pol­lu­tion from waste­water. Into den­i­tri­fi­ca­tion area flows mechan­i­cally pre­treated waste­water and recir­cu­lated sludge from set­tle­ment area. Mix­ing of recir­cu­lated sludge and inflow­ing water is ensured mechan­i­cally via hydrop­neu­mat­i­cal pump (it is the same pump, which aer­ates inflow bas­ket). To ensure opti­mal mix­ing effect the den­i­tri­fi­ca­tion area has spe­cial geo­met­ri­cal arrange­ment of walls and bottom.

Acti­va­tion area is the biggest part of bio­log­i­cal reac­tor. Organic pol­lu­tion is elim­i­nated here from waste­water. Aer­a­tion and mix­ing of sus­pen­sion is ensured via air. On the bot­tom of acti­va­tion area are placed fine-​bubble aer­a­tion ele­ments, which are fixed on holder and you can manip­u­late with them with­out neces­sity of pump­ing out the whole WWTP.

Set­tle­ment area is made from stain­less steel as pyra­mid. Into set­tle­ment area is placed still­ing cylin­der, which serves for deaer­a­tion and paci­fi­ca­tion of incom­ing acti­va­tion mix­ture. It also serves as trap of float­ing impu­ri­ties. Recir­cu­la­tion hydrop­neu­mat­i­cal pump ensures pump­ing of sludge from bot­tom of set­tle­ment tank back to den­i­tri­fi­ca­tion area. Sep­a­rated treated water flows from sur­face to out­flow pipeline, which is equipped with saw-​tooth spillway.


For more details, please view our leaflet about stain­less cleaners.

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