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Roll­Fix Pre­mium Instal­la­tion Frame and Housing

Neat and tidy fin­ish for instal­la­tion in sus­pended ceilings

Prod­uct information

Both the instal­la­tion frame and the instal­la­tion hous­ing
are the per­fect­match to Roll­Fix Pre­mi­umpro­jec­tion screens.
They can be installed con­ve­niently and unob­tru­sively in
sus­pended ceil­ings. Both solu­tions offer inte­grated, easy
access for inspec­tion purposes.
  • Spe­cially designed for instal­la­tion of Roll­Fix Hand Crank or Elec­tric screens in sus­pended ceilings
  • Hous­ing and frame are made of sheet steel, 1.5 mm thick
  • Colour: white, RAL 9003
  • Mount­ing Set for sus­pended ceil­ings included in deliv­ery standard
  • Inspec­tion open­ing included

Instal­la­tion Frame

  • NEW: Now even eas­ier to install: frame installs first, then the screen; both com­po­nents can also be removed separately.
  • Inspec­tion open­ing at each hous­ing side of the frame

Instal­la­tion housing

  • Sup­plied and installed as a mod­u­lar sys­tem con­sist­ing of instal­la­tion frame and Roll­Fix Pre­mium screen
  • The instal­la­tion hous­ing is sep­a­rately installed in the ceil­ing cav­ity and is after­wards con­nected to the elec­tric­ity sup­ply; it is then a sim­ple job to install and con­nect the screen
  • Sup­plied with a flat plug so that the screen can be con­nected to the power sup­ply and sub­se­quently dis­con­nected when nec­es­sary for ser­vic­ing pur­poses
    An optional cover for con­ceal­ing the empty instal­la­tion hous­ing is avail­able on request and at extra cost

Tech­ni­cal specs

For more infor­ma­tion about this prod­uct, please con­tact us.

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