The per­fect screen for the ulti­mate home cin­ema espe­cially in com­bi­na­tion with a short-​throw projector

Prod­uct information

Prod­uct information

Tab-tensionzvětšit obrázek

The sophis­ti­cated Tab-​tension mech­a­nism guar­an­tees
a per­ma­nently per­fectly flat screen sur­face for an
excel­lent con­sis­tent light reflec­tion. Series of tabs
along the side­swhich are linked via cord ensure at all
times an equal amount of ten­sion across the screen
sur­face and thus a totally flat, rip­ple free image!
  • Sup­plied with stan­dard switch or as optional acces­sory radio remote con­trol with hand transmitter
  • Suited for both wall or ceil­ing mounting
  • Com­pact and light alu­minium casing
  • Attrac­tive cas­ing design in mod­ern RAL 9010 – white colour fits into every décor

NEW: Tab-​tension mech­a­nism
Ideal to com­bine with a short-​throw projector

Tech­ni­cal information

Screen sur­face

  • Front pro­jec­tion, Type D
  • Gain fac­tor accord­ing to DIN 19045, approx. 1.2
  • Matt white, PVC based
  • Rear side: black


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