Frame Standard

For sophis­ti­cated projection

Prod­uct information

No mat­ter whether you wish to watch films or sports events
in your home cin­ema or hold pro­fes­sional pre­sen­ta­tions
in a con­fer­ence room, the Frame Stan­dar dwill always
pro­vide exactly the right framework.
  • Always an eye-​catcher even when not in use
  • Sleek, high-​grade alu­minium frame (approx. width 5 cm) in black
  • Easy assem­bly of the frame (snap-​on system)
  • Black frame (5 cm wide) makes images appear richer in terms of con­trast and image clarity
  • Ideal to com­bine with short-​throw projectors
  • Snap fas­ten­ers on the back hold the pro­jec­tion sur­face to the frame
  • Ensures a per­ma­nently flat screen sur­face for excel­lent images
  • Avail­able up to a max­i­mum size (image size) of 600 cm width and 450 cm height

Tech­ni­cal specs

Screen sur­face

  • Front pro­jec­tion, type D
  • DIN 19045 gain fac­tor, approx. 1.2
  • Matt white, foil base
  • Back: grey, vir­tu­ally opaque
  • Type S and rear-​projection sur­faces are avail­able on request

NEW: 3D pro­jec­tion sur­face on request

For more infor­ma­tion about this prod­uct, please con­tact us.

Pro­jec­tion screens

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