Plana Fold

Per­fect for big events and pre­sen­ta­tions in front of a large audience

Prod­uct information

The new sophis­ti­cated lock and load latch sys­tem
(LLL-​patent pending)makes the setting-​up very easy and
guar­an­tees a max­i­mum life.The latches bite down when
the sur­face is attached,making the frame extremely rigid.
Mobile, eas­ily set up –thus per­fect for rental ser­vice.
Each screen comes packed inwheeled, heavy-​duty poly­eth­yl­ene
car­ry­ing case.
  • Com­fort­able lock and load mechanism
  • Extremely rigid frame due to lock and load
  • No tools required for assem­bly and disassembly
  • The height is adjustable from approx. 5140 cm
  • Stan­dard T-​feet sup­port the screen in a ver­ti­cal position.
  • Dimen­sion in accor­dance with inter­na­tional standards
  • Screen sur­face with approx. 7 cm wide sur­round­ing black bor­der. All bor­ders are ultrasonic-​welded using a new PVC mate­r­ial that pro­vides straighter, cleaner edges

Tech­ni­cal specs

creen sur­face

  • Front pro­tec­tion, Type D
  • Gain fac­tor accord­ing to DIN 19045, approx. 1.2
  • Matt white
  • 7 cm wide sur­round­ing black border
  • Optional sur­faces includ­ing rear pro­jec­tion

    Acces­sory: HEAVY DUTY Feet are able to offer extra sta­bil­ity and key­stone
    elim­i­na­tion and are rec­om­mended for added sta­bil­ity on frame heights greater
    than 320 cm.

For more infor­ma­tion about this prod­uct, please con­tact us.

Pro­jec­tion screens

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