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Table Screen LCD Mobile

Mobile and light­weight — less than 2kg!

Prod­uct information

  • Ideal for for mobile use – when you’re on the road
  • A true light­weight and ready to use in no time at all: sim­ply pull the screen open, extend the legs – ready
  • Ideal to com­bine with LED or pocket class projectors
  • Scis­sor mech­a­nism ensures opti­mal screen uniformity
  • Screen cas­ing pro­vides pro­tec­tion from dust and dirt
  • Cas­ing: black

Tech­ni­cal specs

NEW: Screen sur­face in new qual­ity
  • Front pro­jec­tion, type S
  • DIN 19045 gain fac­tor, approx. 1.7; ideal for short-​throw projectors
  • MW Novalux, high-​quality woven base
  • Black bor­der of 2 cm at top and bottom
  • Back: black, opaque

Image size
W/​H cm
Code No.
107/​76 131/​52 2 5159BF8002

Acces­sory: Shoul­der Bag

For size approx. W/​H Cone No.
107/​76 8585WW8918

For more infor­ma­tion about this prod­uct, please con­tact us.

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