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Comb­i­Flex Mobile

More sta­ble and mobile than any tri­pod screen

Prod­uct information

  • Extremely steady thanks to cir­cu­lar steel tube floor stand
  • Mobile thanks to 5 lock­able rollers
  • 360° revolv­able pro­jec­tion screen
  • Small mobile under­car­riage (dia. 63 cm)
  • Use in dif­fer­ent rooms made easy by mobile floor stand; per­fect for schools or hotels
  • Adjustable sta­ble square steel stand
  • Step­lessly height-​adjustable pro­jec­tion surface
  • Ten­sion­ing but­ton mech­a­nism for opti­mal flat­ness of screen
  • Retractable bracket for tilt­ing the pro­jec­tion sur­face, approx. 10° (for key­stone correction)
  • Octag­o­nal sheet steel casing
  • Cas­ing colour: silver-​grey, RAL 9006

Tech­ni­cal specs

Screen sur­face

  • Front pro­jec­tion, type D
  • DIN 19045 gain fac­tor, approx. 1.2
  • Matt white, foil base
  • Back: black, vir­tu­ally opaque
W/​H cm
Code No.
150/​150 212/​84 1004GA8005
180/​180 255/​100 1004NA8005
200/​200 283/​111 1004PA8005

For more infor­ma­tion about this prod­uct, please con­tact us.

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