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Rollo Uni­ver­sal and Pre­mium Wall Screens

Quickly ready with a stop at any position

Prod­uct information

Uni­ver­sal Wall Screen

  • Ready for use in one easy step thanks to the proven spring-​loaded roll­down principle
  • Step­lessly vari­able for­mat selection
  • Can be wall or ceil­ing mounted
  • Square sheet-​steel cas­ing in a mod­ern design, cross-​section approx. 6.8 x 6.8 cm or 8 x 8 cm with a screen width of 244 cm
  • Cas­ing colour: white

Pre­mi­umWall Screen
Same as Uni­ver­sal except for:

  • NEW: Retrac­tion of the pro­jec­tion sur­face with slow-​return effect, i.e. the pro­jec­tion sur­face rolls up slowly and soundlessly
  • Par­tic­u­larly high-​quality projection
  • sur­face on a woven base
  • 3 cm black bor­der in 1:1 for­mat (244 cm: 5 cm border)
  • Also avail­able in 4:3 and 16:9 for­mats with black border
  • NEW for­mat 16:10

Tech­ni­cal specs

Screen sur­face for Uni­ver­sal & Pre­mium
Wall Screens

  • Front pro­jec­tion, type D
  • DIN 19045 gain fac­tor, approx. 1.2
  • Matt white, woven fab­ric base
  • Back: black, opaque

For more infor­ma­tion about this prod­uct, please con­tact us.

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