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EIKI LC-​XL200 /​XL100 /​XL200L /​XL100L

Pro­jec­tor with 6000 /​5000 ANSI Lumens and XGA resolution

Prod­uct information


  • 6000 /​5000 ANSI Lumens bright at 90% uni­for­mity and a 1000:1 con­trast ratio.
  • Native XGA res­o­lu­tion. Com­pat­i­ble with inputs up-​to UXGA and WUXGA.
  • Sup­ports ana­log and dig­i­tal video input in all color stan­dards up-​to 1080p.
  • Durable inor­ganic 3-​panel LCD imag­ing engine with a high con­trast ratio.
  • 10-​bit color pro­cess­ing, for supe­rior color reproduction.
  • Power zoom and focus lens. Optional wide-​angle and tele­photo lenses.
  • Ver­ti­cal and Hor­i­zon­tal power lens shift and dig­i­tal key­stone correction.
  • Includes a full set of ana­log and dig­i­tal com­puter and video inputs.
  • Built-​in 7 Watt ampli­fier and speaker sys­tem. Closed Cap­tion decoding.
  • Wired LAN con­nec­tion for mon­i­tor­ing and con­trol. Optional PjNET interface.
  • Self-​advancing car­tridge air fil­ter pro­vides up-​to 13,000 hours use.
  • Cen­tered lens with 1-​button release. Top-​accessed lamp, side-​accessed filter.
  • Mechan­i­cal shut­ter for true black screen. Cor­ner key­stone correction.
  • Wireless/​wired remote with mouse control.
  • 3 Year Pro­jec­tor Warranty.

Tech­ni­cal specs

Tech­ni­cal specifications

Bright­ness: 6000 /​5000 ANSI Lumens
Con­trast Ratio: 1000:1
Illu­mi­na­tion Uni­for­mity (cor­ner to center): 90%
Res­o­lu­tion and Aspect Ratio: XGA 1024 x 768, 4:3
Size of Color Palette: 1.07 bil­lion colors
Pro­jec­tion Lamp: 300 Watts NSHA
Esti­mated Lamp Life: up to 3000 Hours of Use
Imag­ing System: 0.8″ in (20mm) Inor­ganic LCD Pan­els x 3
Total Pix­els: 1024 x 768 x 3
Pixel Clock: up to 140 MHz
Lens Type: Power Zoom and Focus /​Change­able lens
Lens spec­i­fi­ca­tions: f = 26.945.4 mm
Lens ratios: Zoom Max:Min. 1,7:1, Throw:Width 1,72,89:1
Image Diag­o­nal: 1021016 cm
Image Width: 0,818,1 m
Throw Dis­tance: 1,3022,9 m
Pro­jec­tor Ele­va­tion Adjust­ment (legs): up to 4° Up or Down
Max­i­mum Pitch: up to 360°
Ver­ti­cal Lens Shift (% of image height): up to 50% Up or Down
Hor­i­zon­tal Lens Shift (% of image width): up to 10% Left or Right
Ver­ti­cal Key­stone Correction: up to 40% Up or Down
Hor­i­zon­tal Key­stone Correction: up to 20% Left or Right
Scan­ning Frequency: Auto: H: 15100 kHz, V: 48100 Hz
Image Ori­en­ta­tion: Nor­mal, Reversed, Inverted
Local Con­trol /​Power Management: Full Func­tion /​Auto Shutdown
RS232 Con­trols Ports (In & Out): Dsub 9 x 1
Remote Pro­jec­tor Control: Wire­less /​Wired x 1
Wired Remote Con­trol Port: Min­is­tereo x 1
LAN Port: RJ45 x 1
Com­puter Native Resolution: up to 1600x1200 (4:3), 1920x1200 (16:10)
Com­puter Com­pat­i­bil­ity (formats): UXGA, SXGA+, SXGA, XGA, SVGA, VGA, MAX, WUXGA, WSXGA, WXGA
Video Com­pat­i­bil­ity (formats): NTSC, PAL, SECAM, NTSC 4.43, PAL-​M, PAL-​N
Other Inputs and Outputs: Out­puts — Ana­log com­puter … Dsub 15 x 1, audio out­put … vari­able, stereo: min­is­tereo x 1
Image Sig­nal Resizing: Smart Scal­ing Technology
Image Sig­nal Inputs: Image Sig­nal Inputs — Ana­log Com­puter … Dsub15 x 1, Dig­i­tal computer/​digital video (w/​HDCP) … DVI-​D x 1, Ana­log cop­uter (RGBHV) … BNC x 3, Com­po­nent video … RCA x 3, S-​Video input
Fan Noise: as low as 31 dBA
Cab­i­net Size (HxWxD): 16,4 x 49 x 37,1 cm
Weight: 9,7 kg
Pack­aged Size (HxWxD): 31,8 x 68,1 x 58,1 cm
Pack­aged Weight: 15,8 kg
Power Require­ments: 100-​240V AC, 50/​50 Hz
Power Con­sup­tion: up to 490 W
Heat: up to 1672 BTU
Elec­tri­cal Safety Compliance: IEC, UL, cUL
Elec­tro­mag­netic Compatibility: FCC Class B, CE Mark
Secu­rity Facilities: Kens­ing­ton Secu­rity Slot, secu­rity chain hook
Oper­at­ing Temperature: 540°C
User Main­te­nance: Replace air fil­ter car­tridge, Change lamp
Included Acces­sories: Ouick start guide, owner’s man­ual on CD-​ROM, power cord, lens cover, VGA com­puter input cable (Dsub 15 — Dsub 15), wireless/​wired remote with mouse con­trol with 2 x AAA bat­ter­ies, USB cable for com­puter mouse control

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