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Per­fect for big events and pre­sen­ta­tions in front of a large audience

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The new sophis­ti­cated lock and load latch system(LLL-patent pending)makes the setting-​up very easy and guar­an­tees a max­i­mum life.The latches bite down when­the sur­face is attached,making the frame extremely rigid.Mobile, eas­ily set up –thus per­fect for rental ser­vice. Each screen comes…
For sophis­ti­cated projection

Prod­uct information

No mat­ter whether you wish to watch films or sports eventsin your home cin­ema or hold pro­fes­sional pre­sen­ta­tion­sin a con­fer­ence room, the Frame Stan­dar dwill always pro­vide exactly the right frame­work. Always an eye-​catcher even when not in use Sleek, high-​grade alu­minium frame (approx. width 5 cm) in black…

Pro­jec­tion screens

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