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Pro­fes­sional pro­jec­tor mounts

A new gen­er­a­tion of pro­jec­tor ceil­ing mounts

Prod­uct information

The key fea­tures of pro­jec­tor mount­ing sys­tems:
- Fine tune adjust­ment on tilt and roll
- Fix­a­tion in all direc­tions
- CIS Cable Inlay Sys­tem, over full length of kit, cables can be inserted after instal­la­tion, suf­fi­cient cable inlay
- Styl­ish design, quick and easy instal­la­tion, for pro­jec­tors up to 25 kg !!

2 sizes
- 30350 mm
- 30450 mm

3 lengths
- 300450 mm
- 450750 mm
- 7501350 mm

Price on request.

For more infor­ma­tion about this prod­uct, please con­tact us.


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