EK-620U/ EK-621W – Laser projectors

A flagship in the installation segment

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The EK-620U/ EK-621W is, without doubt, a flagship in the installation segment.

With the use of the new blue laser and phosphorus technology, which for the first time in history has made its way into the installation class, the EK-620U/621W delivers performance without compromise. The EK-620U/621W is in a class of its own, with high-end installation features and a light source that will deliver a vivid color reproduction for up to 20 000 hours without any exchange of light source. The vibrancy of the colors reproduced truly is unique in the class.

Additional information


6 500 ANSI Lumen


100 000 : 1


484 x 509 x 181 mm

Lens specification

6 optional lenses


WUXGA (1 920 x 1 200), WXGA (1 280 x 800)


23,4 kg