Screen Surfaces

Screens surfaces "on rolls" for own processing

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We also offer screens surfaces “on rolls” for own processing in larger and smaller quantities. The supplies in great dimensions are guaranteed extensive screen plants for production and further processes.

The product range contains an almost complete choice of screen surfaces for various requirements: For front and rear projection thus for applications from home cinema up to big event viewings.

Next to the basic materials are offering high-class-coatings matching your special needs.

PVC, glass or viscose, as well as some more alternative basic fabrics and foils, are available for the coating. If you additionally like a
special refining through us according to your specifications – this is possible up to a width of seamless 7m in type D, S, and 3D.

The compliance with the EU standard (DIN 4102, B1/(M1)B2/EN 13501-1) as well as the flame retardant class requirements are the basis of our high-quality production.

You will find the suitable screen surface for every application in projection values (light density factors) of the types: D, S, and 3D –according to demands.

Due to the special coating technique, we are able to reach gain factors up to 3.0 – if requested even higher.

On the basis of your needs, we are going to find or even to develop the corresponding screen surface exactly for your special presentations or applications.