Tripod Basic Mobile

Mobile tripod screen

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Mobile tripod screen with carriage and height adjustment.

  • High-quality housing of screen surface.
  • Screen surface based on fabric.
  • Easily set up due to well-developed handling.
  • Infinitely variable height adjustment for good viewing conditions in high rooms.
  • Stable standing with 4 lockable castors provides a comfortable use in schools, hotels, restaurants.
Overall dimensions / viewing area (W x H) Gross / net weight Package dimensions Screen surface Product code
STATIV BASIC MOBIL – 150x150cm 10 / 7 kg 1700x130x200 mm Blankora P 100312
STATIV BASIC MOBIL – 180x180cm 13 / 10 kg 2000x130x200 mm Blankora P 100315
STATIV BASIC MOBIL – 200x200cm 17.5 / 14.5 kg 2200x130x200 mm Blankora P 100316
STATIV BASIC MOBIL – 240x180cm 19.5 / 16.5 kg 2600x130x200 mm Blankora P 100343